Prepare for Your Long-Distance Drive to Avoid an Accident

Anyone who is planning a long-distance drive is going to want to make sure they are fully prepared for the drive so they can reach their destination without issues. Part of this is making sure their vehicle is in great shape and able to make the drive, but part of it also includes making sure they are prepared to be in the vehicle for hours at a time.

Plan on Frequent Stops

Driving more than a couple of hours can cause a person to start getting a little bit drowsy because the scenery around them never seems to change. Stopping every couple of hours, even if it’s only for five minutes, enables the driver to get out of the vehicle and walk around a little bit. This helps break up the drive a little and enables them to break the drive into smaller chunks so they’re not sitting still for …

Assistance in Becoming GDPR Compliant

There are plenty of challenges an individual has when it comes to protecting their identity. Unfortunately, anytime someone goes online they can be at risk. Simply opening up the wrong email could significantly threaten a person’s personal information.

Regardless of how careful someone might be, their information might be stored with a business that may not be as cautious as they should be with their customer’s information. That is why the European Union Council approved the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2016.

This initiative is aimed at improving the way businesses handle customer or client information. Since this regulation is going into effect in the spring of 2018, it is important that businesses not currently in compliance become compliant with this regulation before its implementation.

Compliance Issues

In many instances, compliance is straightforward. First of all, a business will need to make sure that they have the …

A Defense Lawyer Looks Into Evidence Collection and Admissibility

The evidence of a crime that’s collected is used to determine who committed the crime and to prove they did actually commit the crime once the case goes to trial. Evidence can include anything that can be used to prove guilt or innocence in the case. When a person is arrested for a crime, their lawyer will look into the evidence collection and admissibility before a trial begins.

Evidence Collection

Evidence can be collected before, during or after an arrest. It can include DNA, fingerprints, objects, witness statements, and more. Anything that is collected needs to be collected properly for it to be allowed in court. There are regulations for the collection and storage of evidence to ensure it is properly handled from the time it is discovered to the time it’s used in court.  

Evidence Admissibility

Evidence will generally be admissible in court unless the defense lawyer asks to …

What Does Beyond a Reasonable Doubt Really Mean?

Most people know that a criminal conviction can only be obtained if it is proven the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable amount. If a person is arrested, however, they might start to wonder what exactly that means. It’s important for a person to understand the level of evidence needed for a conviction and what their lawyer can do to try to avoid this.

What Constitutes Reasonable?

Reasonable simply means what the average person might believe. It might be reasonable to believe a person could be innocent if there is nothing that shows they were actually at the place where the crime was committed at the time the crime was committed. There is no hard rule as to what constitutes reasonable, but it should be something the average person might believe if they were to look at the entire case as laid out in court. 

What Constitutes Doubt?

Doubt is just …

Driving Isn’t All Bad when You Protect Yourself Legally

A car accident can be a life-changing experience, especially if the accident is a bad one. Matters can be even worse when the cause of an accident was due to the negligence of someone else. It can make a driver leery about getting behind the wheel again, particularly if they were seriously injured in a previous accident. While appropriate compensation after an accident can’t make those terrible feelings go away, it can help provide time for someone to recover after an accident without worrying about their finances. This is where an accident attorney can be pivotal.

When to Call a Lawyer

There are some lawyers that suggest a driver should call a lawyer before accepting any compensation after an accident. The truth, however, is that a small fender bender with no injuries and very little damage won’t lead to a lawsuit and doesn’t warrant a visit with a lawyer. However, …